Festival 2022

As part of the 11th annual Jarmila’s Novotná Festival, we are preparing for you:

The festival will open this year with a parade of French horn players who will gather in Liteň for the second time. On the 23rd and 24th of April, the players will meet at participant concerts, workshops, and lectures. The Liteň French Horn Days also invite the public to visit. As part of the accompanying program, for those who are interested, you can listen to the participant concerts throughout the weekend or see an exhibition of brass instruments or a concert of hunting trumpeters. Admission to the concerts is free.

Fundraising concert THANK YOU WITH THE MUSIC
We would like to invite you to the exceptional concert THANK YOU WITH THE MUSIC, which is in the program of the 11th season of Jarmila Novotná Festival. The concert shall support Ukrainian artists who flee their homeland to the Czech Republic because of the war. Young musicians will perform classical repertoire of Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Piazzola, Fauré and others. The concert will be held on Friday the 20th of May at 7:00 pm in the historic building of Čechovna. ATTENTION, CHANGE OF PROGRAM! Instead of the originally announced Adam Plachetka, the equally excellent Štefan Margita will perform as the exclusive host. You can order tickets by email at tickets [at] zamekliten [dot] cz or by phone at 737 650 497. The price is the usual 300 CZK. The entire proceeds from the concert will be donated to the performers from Ukraine.

Over the past three years at Chateau Liteň,, the popular happening of basic art schools has built its traditional place among the festival’s activities. If this is one of the events you like to attend regularly, then mark the date Sunday, the 22nd of May in your calendar. You can look forward to an artistic afternoon with several outdoor stages in the Chateau Park or to graduation concerts in Čechovna hall. We will present a specific program later.

Last year’s singing courses gained great response thanks to a visit from the famous Dutch singer and mentor Margreet Honig and also thanks to the lecturer’s connection with excellent soprano Simona Houda Šaturová. We did not hesitate to repeat their participation this year with the addition of opera director Marek Mokoš. The 9th year of the courses will take place between the 14th and 18th of June and will also be exceptional with its exclusive cooperation with the Opera Studio of the Slovak National Theatre. The theme will be early romanticism. The venue of the traditional final concert will be the Chateau Park on the early evening of the 18th of June.

The Jarmila Novotná Festival 2022 is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture Mgr. Martin Baxa and the Governor of Central Bohemia Region Mgr. Petra Pecková.

Tiskové zprávy


3TZ_Rusalka v parku, 9. 8. 2021

2TZ_Závěrečný koncert interpretačních kurzů_31. 5. 2021

1TZ_Rusalka v parku, 12. 4. 2021




2TZ_Závěrečný koncert Pěveckých kurzů_090520

1TZ_Lesní roh na zámku_Baborák_040320



5TZ_Andrea Bocelli patronem stromu_0212

4TZ_Skutečný zpěv_041019

Press kit k filmu Jiří Suchý: Lehce s životem se prát

3TZ_Závěrečný koncert Interpretačních kurzů 2019_130619

TZ_ZUŠ Open v Litni_090519

2TZ_Slavnostní koncert FJN 2019_160419

1TZ_Nevěsta prodaná do ciziny_280219

TZ_Legenda Suchy_01_HITHIT



3TZ_Písňové studánky Martiny Jankové_250718

2TZ_Závěrečný koncert interpretačních kurzů_120618




5TZ_Pocta Jarmile Novotné_2017_180917_fin


3TZ_Závěrečný koncert Interpretačních kurzů_060617


TZ_Jarmila Novotná: Operní diva, výstava Senát



TZ_Pocta Jarmile Novotné 2017

TZ_Pocta Jiřímu Suchému a premiéra dokumentu

TZ Interpretační kurzy v Litni a závěrečný koncert

TZ Pocta Jarmile Novotné na festivalu Pražské jaro

TZ Zahájení putovní výstavy o životě Jarmily Novotné



TZ Druhá edice knihy Baronka v opeře 2015

TZ Vychází kniha o Jarmile Novotné 2015

TZ Zahájení výstavy kostýmů a slavnostní večer 2015

TZ Výstava kostýmů a křest knihy 2015

TZ Aktivity 2015

TZ Kurzy 2015



TZ 12. 3. 2014_Spuštění prodeje vstupenek

TZ  25_6_2014 Rozšíření kapacity hlediště

TZ_Paměti Jarmily Novotné v reedici

TZ 31. 8. 2014 Pocta se vydařila

TZ “Poctu Jarmile Novotné” odvysílá ČT Art 17. listopadu 2014