Festival 2021

Rusalka in the Park

Open-air concert performance of the most famous parts of Antonín Dvořák´s Rusalka opera with a multi media scenic show by the Caban brothers.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Jarmila Novotná Festival and the 120th anniversary of the Rusalka opera premiere an exceptional summer open-air Rusalka in the Park will take place.

It will be a concert performance of the most famous parts of Antonín Dvořák´s Rusalka. The invitation to the project was accepted by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, which will perform under the baton of Robert Jindra. The main role of Rusalka will be played by one of our most sought-after sopranos, Kateřina Kněžíková. The role of the Prince will be taken by the talented Richard Samek, the role of Vodník will be played by Jan Martiník and the roles of the Foreign Princess and the Witch by Jana Kurucová. Graduates of the Interpretation Courses in Liteň – Jarmila Balážová, Markéta Böhmová and Tamara Morozová will be introduced in the roles of Žínka. 

Music, singing, dancing on a large space in the castle park directed by the Caban brothers.

The concert will take place in any weather on August 28, 2021 at 8 pm in the Chateau park in Liteň.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the conductor Robert Jindra
Opera singers: Kateřina Kněžíková, Richard Samek, Jan Martiník, Jana Kurucová, absolvents of the Interpretation Courses in Liteň

Advance ticket sales take place via the Ticketportal network in 6 price categories:
I. 2990 CZK, II. 2450 CZK, III. 1750 CZK, IV. 1250 CZK, V. 750 CZK, VI. 350 CZK
Tickets in I. category include invitations to a glass of wine after the concert.

You can buy tickets via reservation system on the home page of this website.

Due to the dismantling of anti-pandemic measures and due to the external nature of the concert, it will be able to take place at full capacity during the event. If for unexpected reasons it could not take place, the organizers will return the entrance fee.