The Association of Chateau Liteň

The goal of The Association of Chateau Liteň is to revive the name of Jarmila Novotná; her musical legacy as a famous opera singer; a well known celebrity and great patriot, and to restore the Daubek family name through the creation of a cultural center in their former Liteň residence.

The association tries:

  • To renew musical and cultural life at the Chateau Liteň premises
  • To collect, preserve and promote valuable artifacts with its cultural historical value depicting Jarmila Novotná´ s life as well as that of the Daubek family and the Liteň manor
  • To support and initiate creation of new works in all cultural and scientific branches
  • To support contemporary young artists across the artistic spectrum
  • To save and promote the Chateau Liteň cultural monuments
  • To support and take part in community projects