The museum-type collection of Jarmila Novotná and the Daubek Family 

We applied to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to register a newly assembled collection in the Central Registry of Museum-type Collections in June 2013. The Registry is managed by the Department of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage, Museums and Galleries in accordance with Act No. 122/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Museum-type Collections. The application was approved. More than 80 items were registered and are now available for the public  at  The collection includes original period film posters, musical programs, Jarmila Novotná opera wigs and other artifacts from her estate, etc...

The formation of the collection was preceded by a systematic and rigorous cataloguing process. Our Association had started the process in 2011. In 2013 items of mostly Czech origin, connected with the life and career of Jarmila Novotná and the Daubek family, were chosen in cooperation with Mr. George Daubek. The collection was expanded with items of American origin and related to the professional activities of Jarmila Novotná and her family when they lived in the USA.

The diverse collection documents basic milestones in the life of the diva and the Daubek family members from the end of 19th century. With its’ complex orientation it is a unique testimony of the evolution of Czech society and culture.