Collection and Subcollections

Fundamental characteristics of the collection No. LIT/103_05/13/400013 


The collection is composed primarily of objects of Czech provenance and connected with Jarmila Novotná’s life and professional career, the Daubek family, and their life in Liteň, Jarmila Novotná Festival.

The collection is supplemented by items originating in America which are related to the emigration of Jarmila Novotná and her family to the USA and consequently to the family’s professional intergration in the United States.


The collection items document significant architectural and industrial activities of the Daubek family at the Liteň complex, dating from the end of the 19th century. The oldest registered item in the collection dates to 1885. Items from the 1930s and 40s represent a significant part of the collection and are supplemented by documents from the 1950s. Another part of the collection represents the era after 1989.


The collection is divided into three sub-collections according to the item and how it’s linked to the main theme of the sub-collection:

1. Sub-collection: Jarmila Novotná

2. Sub-collection: Daubek Family

3. Sub-collection: History

Each sub-collection is subsequently divided into further categories depending on the item character. The category structure is the same for all the sub-collections.


The items are given registration numbers from the established incremental register book.

Professional part of the collection:

This section includes decorative arts works, movies, video recordings, other visual and audio media, documents, prints, etc.

The Association of Chateau Liteň has systematically and rigorously registered items for the collection since 2011.