Festival 2014

brozura aj 2014_nahled

Brochure of Activities in 2014

After two very successful years when we had turned the  public’s attention to the personality of Jarmila Novotná, the third season was especially festive. The festival was a part of the program ‘The Year of Czech music’. We also wanted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jarmila Novotná’s passing. One of the ways we wanted to celebrate this exceptional opera diva was to follow her legacy by supporting young singers. We organized a master class under the tutelage of Dagmar Pecková, a famous Czech mezzo-soprano. It took place at Chateau Liteň which was Jarmila Novotná’s home. The course was supported by an additional educational program.

A narrated gala concert ‘A Tribute to Jarmila Novotná’ was the grand-finale of the festival. On August 30, 2014 the unique concert was held under the baton of Jiří Bělohlávek, an Advisory Board member, and the PKF – Prague Philharmonia. A quartet of world class Czech soloists, who – similar to Jarmila Novotná – made their career abroad, were going to perform. They were Dagmar Pecková, Martina Janková, Adam Plachetka and Štefan Margita.