Margreet Honig: True Singing

In autumn 2019, the book True Singing (Skutečný zpěv) wass published. It deals with a technique of singing by the world-renowned singer and mentor Margreet Honig, translated by the prominent Czech mezzo-soprano Markéta Cukrová. The book is published by the nonprofit organization Zámek Liteň and Markéta Cukrová´s platform VoiceWise.

Jarmila Novotná: I was happy

In 2014, we re-issued an updated and revised version of Jarmila Novotná’s memoirs titled “I was happy” (Byla jsem šťastná). The re-edition in new attractive graphic design contains new indexes, comments and also an English resume.

Pavel Kosatík: Baroness in Opera

A first monograph about Jarmila Novotná called “Baroness in Opera” (Baronka v opeře) was written by renowned historian, publicist, scriptwriter, and writer Pavel Kosatík and was issued in September 2015. The Association of Chateau Liteň funded 18 month research carried out in many Czech but also foreign archives this book is based on.