Olga Sommerová’s documentary about Jiří Suchý

After three years we have returned to the personality of the famous Czech artist – Jiří Suchý. Together with Cineart TV Prague, the Czech Television and ARINA film production, our association have become a co-producer of a new documentary about the professional and private life of Jiří Suchý. The movie called JIŘÍ SUCHÝTackling Life with Ease is directed by Olga Sommerová, and filmed by Olga Špátová. The film’s premiere took place on September 25th in Lucerna Cinema in PragueEven before that on July 4-6th, visitors of the Karlovy Vary IFF were able to see the world premiere. The documentary was also awarded The Audience Award of Právo Newspaper at the festival. The film was partially shot in Liteň where we would like to host a special projection.

Several movies have been shot about Jiří Suchý which mainly focused on specific landmarks of his theatre work. This movie aims to focus on the artist´s life. The goal was to make an attractive, biographical and creative portrait of Jiří Suchý to be different from what has been done so far. There are archival shots, contemporary work, situations from his personal life as well as authentic notices included there.

The film was completed with the help of the crowdfunding collection at Hithit.cz, in which the filmmakers collected CZK 542,522, which is more than CZK 67,000 above the set limit. Thanks to this help, Olga Sommerová and her team could have completed the documentary in the best possible quality it deserves and the contributors to whom Jiří Suchý brought joy and hope to their lifes thanks to his work, were delighted with interesting presents (i.e. movie posters, limited edition DVDs signed by Jiří Suchý, tickets for a premiere or a projection hosting movie makers. Die hard supporters could have bought tickets for a special Jiří Suchý´s theatre performance in the Semafor theatre or for a brunch with the legend and the film maker.

The first film press release is available here.

The press kit can be downloaded here.


Jiří Suchý: Tackling Life with Ease – FILM TRAILER

Producers: Cineart TV Prague, Czech Television, Arina SK, The Association of Chateu Liteň
Director: Olga Sommerová
Screenplay: Olga Sommerová
Dir. of Photography: Olga Malířová Špátová
Cast: Jiří Suchý, Jitka Molavcová, Ondřej Suchý, Jakub Suchý, Tamara Suchá, Vít Suchý, Adam Suchý, Karel Gott, Stanislav Štepka, Irena Zlámalová, SEMAFOR Theatre Ensemble