Jarmila Novotná: Opera Diva

The Touring Exhibition about the Life
of Jarmila Novotná 2018


The project of the Touring Exhibition about the Life of Jarmila Novotná that started in the beginning of 2016, was presenteded in another, already the fourth place. The large-scale pictures
of original costumes and portraits
of the diva were – together with biographical data presenting the life and career of this legendary singer – present on April 3–30, 2018 at Bookstore and Antique Shop Fryč in Liberec.

The exposition was opened with an accompanying program on Thursday, April 5th. The evening was inspired by the first monograph about Jarmila Novotná called Baroness in Opera written by Pavel Kosatík. Head of the Classical and Jazz Music Department in the Czech Radio Vltava and musicologist, Dita Hradecká, was the main guest of the event, who introduced Jarmila Novotná’s life and artistic career. Accompanied by piano soprano Tereza Hořejšová performed selection of arias that Jarmila Novotná once sang.


About Exhibition
Jarmila Novotná´s unforgettable roles depicted in large format pictures were presented at the exhibition. Some of the pictures capture the most famous opera costumes this diva wore at international stages and accompanied her to the peak
of her career. The rest of them were historical portraits of Jarmila Novotná – they served as the evidence of how irresistible she looked in the costumes while performing.

The exhibition was complemented by biographical dates and data about
the places of her performances
together with the historical context of her life – presented on an easily readable timeline.

This project is a continuation and a modified version of the unique exhibition
of Jarmila Novotná´s original opera costumes rented by the archive of Metropolitan Opera in New York
 that drew the attention of 13,000 visitors of Municipal House
in Prague in fall 2015.