True Singing

The successful Czech mezzosoprano and a sing lecturer Markéta Cukrová had been convinced so far there was no a practical publication in the Czech language focused on singing technique. This discovery became the impulse why she decided to translate a book of talks of the famous Dutch singer and a mentor Margreet Honig about theory and practice of the classical singing. The Czech translation of the book about “breathing and human voice” under the title True Singing (Skutečný zpěv) was published by the non-profit organization Zámek Liteň and Markéta Cukrová´s platform VoiceWise.

The book is a more than one hundred page´s probe in the long-time singing experience of Margreet Honig. Also a singer and a teacher Gordana Crnković is one of the authors as led the talks. She initiated the book on the occasion of Margreet Honig´s 70´s birthday as an honour to her life and work. The Czech translation of the book was launched on October 3rd, the “godmother” to it was a prominent Czech singer Simona Šaturová.

The translatation of the book True Singing is available through a non-profit organization Zámek Liteň on email: or at a phone number +420 724 880 826 for the price 299 CZK.


The press kit avaliable here.